Mighty Cast

Mighty Cast is disrupting the wearable space with its modular smart charm bracelet—THE NEX BAND. Through its patent-pending technology and proprietary platform, the company connects physical collectible objects with Mobile applications-ostensibly, creating a “console on the wrist”. Users can swap “Mod” charms with each other, change combinations, send secret messages, and detect proximity with each [...]

Popstar Club Inc.

A creative hub for innovative ideas in entertainment. We focus in toys, music, lifestyle and media. We are dedicated to defining rather than following trends.


Tickr makes it fast and easy to consume all kinds of business information-AS
IT HAPPENS. Tickr is cloud based, it gathers and presents all selected
enterprise and public information in ONE place, in REAL time. It’s easy to
Create custom Tickrs for teams, products, and projects.


JabberSmack™ gives fans of all ages, even those under 13 the opportunity to connect socially and safely through the web via an ultra-fun and robust network of branded sites and content. This multi-faceted play space provides interaction with music, games, apps, chat and more. Fans are presented with a constantly refreshing menu of new brands and content to make their time unique, engaging and fun. As more and more brands join the network, kids get a taste of an even larger and unique social experience.

It is important to note that KidSocial™ is ‘closed socially’. This means that no user can search for, find, view nor connect with another user including children. Friendships are made only through real-life connections and recommendations (we call them ‘real-world friends’) and encrypted friendship codes optionally monitored by the parents. Other precautions are in place against unwanted phishing schemes, cyber bullying, content sharing and Internet predators.

JabberSmack™ was designed and created by the talented team at Kidsocial Inc.


EpiWorks is a ‘pure’ epitaxial wafer manufacturer.

Epitaxial devices are the key to improving the performance of semiconductor-reliant communication products like cellular phones and fiberoptic networks.

Epitaxial devices harness the precision, purity, and crystalline perfection offered by sophisticated growth techniques. These devices consist of atomically thin layers of semiconductor crystals that are uniformly deposited to form a carefully designed “epi-wafer.” Combining different semiconductor materials and dopants in an epi wafer is the key step in realizing highly sophisticated devices. Because the growth processes and epi-wafer structure determine the performance capabilities of these devices, this is one of the most critical steps in manufacturing high-performance communication devices.

EpiWorks is the exclusive producer of several advanced layers and processes that are tailored for optimal performance in particular applications. EpiWorks products are geared toward enabling higher performance integrated circuits (ICs) for the communications industry, leading to cell phones with longer battery life and high-speed Internet access for the home and office.

But EpiWorks is more than a manufacturer of high-quality epitaxial wafers; it’s a next-generation epitaxial design and manufacturing company that brings expertise with epitaxy, device design, and manufacturing under one roof. Working closely with its customers, EpiWorks develops the semiconductor solutions that keep you a generation ahead.

Net Near U

NetNearU Corp. (NNU) provides a hosted software platform and end-user support for managing public Internet access networks including WiFi, WiMAX, hotspot and metro deployments.

NNU’s TRACKOS creates a single unified network from diverse geographically separated public access networks. TRACKOS enables your WiFi deployments to work as a single network, unifies WiFi and WiMAX access, provides billing, authentication and portal pages, and integrates with outside roaming, billing and authentication systems.


Shoutlet (www.shoutlet.com) offers a one-stop, web-based platform to market through the social media. Sway’s customers, such as American Family Insurance, Cannondale Bicycle Corp. and Solo Cup Co., use Shoutlet to create, distribute and track their social media communication needs with podcasts, videos, e-mail and other applications on services such as Twitter and Facebook. Additional investors include Origin Ventures.


GrubHub (http://www.grubhub.com/) is a one-stop site for at-home restaurant food delivery.  Using GrubHub.com is free, and orders may be placed over the phone or through GrubHub’s online ordering system at no charge.  Additional investors include Origin Ventures and  Amicus Capital. For job openings and posting your resume, please visit: http://www.grubhub.com/careers


Starnet Interactive (www.starnetinteractive.com) provides online experiences to tween and young teen girls (8-14) that are unique, innovative, safe and fun. It owns and operates GirlSense.com™, utilizing its suite of creative and advanced online tools to enable girls to design and personalize their world, express themselves, and communicate. At the heart of GirlSense™ is an active virtual fashion community where girls can open their own online boutiques, design clothes and accessories, and trade fashions with other community members. Sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp.


FunMobility (http://www.funmobility.com/) delivers mobile entertainment applications and services that enable creativity, personalization, and community building. Its mobile applications and services are distributed off-deck (http://www.funmo.com/) and through major carriers across the globe, including, Verizon Wireless, Alltel, Sprint PCS, U.S. Cellular, Cingular Wireless and many others.  FunMobility has achieved an industry reputation for creativity, innovation, and reliability [...]