JabberSmack™ gives fans of all ages, even those under 13 the opportunity to connect socially and safely through the web via an ultra-fun and robust network of branded sites and content. This multi-faceted play space provides interaction with music, games, apps, chat and more. Fans are presented with a constantly refreshing menu of new brands and content to make their time unique, engaging and fun. As more and more brands join the network, kids get a taste of an even larger and unique social experience.

It is important to note that JabberSmack™ is ‘closed socially’. This means that no user can search for, find, view nor connect with another user including children. Friendships are made only through real-life connections and recommendations (we call them ‘real-world friends’) and encrypted friendship codes optionally monitored by the parents. Other precautions are in place against unwanted phishing schemes, cyber bullying, content sharing and Internet predators.

JabberSmack™ was designed and created by the talented team at Kidsocial Inc.

Visit the JabberSmack Site.

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