EpiWorks is a ‘pure’ epitaxial wafer manufacturer.

Epitaxial devices are the key to improving the performance of semiconductor-reliant communication products like cellular phones and fiberoptic networks.

Epitaxial devices harness the precision, purity, and crystalline perfection offered by sophisticated growth techniques. These devices consist of atomically thin layers of semiconductor crystals that are uniformly deposited to form a carefully designed “epi-wafer.” Combining different semiconductor materials and dopants in an epi wafer is the key step in realizing highly sophisticated devices. Because the growth processes and epi-wafer structure determine the performance capabilities of these devices, this is one of the most critical steps in manufacturing high-performance communication devices.

EpiWorks is the exclusive producer of several advanced layers and processes that are tailored for optimal performance in particular applications. EpiWorks products are geared toward enabling higher performance integrated circuits (ICs) for the communications industry, leading to cell phones with longer battery life and high-speed Internet access for the home and office.

But EpiWorks is more than a manufacturer of high-quality epitaxial wafers; it’s a next-generation epitaxial design and manufacturing company that brings expertise with epitaxy, device design, and manufacturing under one roof. Working closely with its customers, EpiWorks develops the semiconductor solutions that keep you a generation ahead.

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